Andreea Popescu | Designing Value

I help Big Data brands to understand audience needs and drive customer engagement


Information Design

I design and build effective digital products by using the following practices:


Organizing information clearly to help users to quickly find what they need to acheive goals


Simplifying task flows to users stay engaged and continue on their happy experience path


Visualizing abstract concepts to make information understandable and reduce cognitive load


Displaying information consistently to reinforce visual identity and promote user trust


Refining designs incrementally by incorporating feedback from usability testing


Inclusive Design

Today's professional landscape includes individuals from all walks of life, who have different cultures, backgrounds and abilities, even within small teams.

I am multi-cultural and multi-lingual myself, and I have worked with international teams in Canada, the United States and France.

I enjoy collaborating with diverse individuals who have skills and knowledge different than my own because:

  • It keeps personal biases in check during the design process
  • It introduces new perpectives on product design & development
  • It promotes professional growth and continuous learing

The result is richer, more inclusive digital products.


10+ Years Working in Digital Media

I have been shaping the user experience and visual identity of digital products for over a decade.


I started my career as a designer-developer generalist in the software industry, where I honed my skills in graphic design, user interface design and web development.


I held technical roles in the e-commerce industry as a service designer, where I gained experience with content management systems, information architecture and interaction design.


I also have 5+ years experience in an agency setting as a senior user experience designer, where I lead the design of various projects for corporate clients and global brands, and learned a lot about data-driven research, user surveys and agile design workflows.


I am currently freelancing in the areas of Product Consulting, Experience Design and Web Development.